All About Calm & Relaxation

When it comes to personal health, nothing beats a little relaxation. At Dionysia's Massage Studio, we are dedicated to helping you gain a sense of peace of mind. Offering a variety of spa and beauty treatments, we are one of the premier wellness centers in Newton , MA .

More than a State of Mind

Complete with Eastern influences, you get to enjoy a comfortable atmosphere and an overwhelming sense of warmth. From the décor and lighting to the aromatic candles and courteous staff, we believe setting the atmospheric tone makes all the difference.

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Class of 2018 

Students,Parents and Faculty

Does May 1st give you anxiety?stress?or is it disrupting your sleep?


I can help! book any 1hour massage  and receive$25.00 off from 4/28/2018 to Graduation!


At this time PLEASE remember to do something for yourself that makes you HAPPY!